The Advantages of a Custom Look Up Table

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The advantages of a custom LUT

The advantages of a custom Look up Table being made for you, are many. The best Lut is one designed for your camera and your footage.

The biggest advantage of a Custom Look Up Table is that it is designed for your footage.

To make a custom LUT we need a screen capture directly from your editing suite and then uploaded to us as a saved Tiff file. We have full instructions to walk you through this process.

You should be able to use the LUT we customise for you on your other footage and for future shoots.

Because we are often creatures of habit and shoot in similar ways, the one Custom Look Up Table would provide a likely effective platform for further editing on other shoots to be used time and time again.

However, as explained in Dynamic range and LUTs and What is a LUT?, you should use additional Custom Look Up Tables for every important shoot as it is highly likely that the dynamic range of the captured scene will be different and individual and therefore, requiring an additional custom LUT.

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