Custom LUTs made by ViolaFrank

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Custom LUTs by ViolaFrank

Custom LUTs are the only way to successfully optimise your video footage as written about here in “The advantages of a custom LUT”

Our LUTs can be designed in a variety of ways to suit your various needs and desires.

Our Custom LUT will provide a full dynamic range of tonality and manageable color that allows you to further refine your video for your aesthetic desires.

The Custom LUT is our most popular LUT because as a stand alone LUT it provides for additional editing headroom for your personalised and additional enhancements.

Additionally you will find our Custom LUT will work on most of your video footage.**

Our Pro-Pack Custom LUTs package provides a varying range of additional LUTs beyond the Custom LUT, with the additional Pro-Pack LUTs, the extra LUTs luminance and color are refined further and set to the boundary of a full color and dynamic range.

Additionally,In the Custom Pro-Pack LUTs package we also provide LUTs with reduced color saturation and increased contrast for a a more gritty appeal.

We also provide Custom Grading LUTs upon your instructions and examples you provide to create a LUT with a color set ideal for your production values and aesthetic wishes. We offer one revision to the Custom Grading LUTs in this package.

We also make LUTs that will best match color between different clips in your timeline. A color grading LUT can also be provided for these clips.

See the packages and costs here.

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Professional LUTs made specifically for your camera.


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